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    In general, it is easier to edit code blocks by looking at the source view.  Select "Source" from the "View" dropdown box as in the following image:


    The PRE Tag

    Similar to adding a code block, we need to create a PRE tag. Suppose we want to create a simple equation for x hat. We can use the following code:

    <pre function="math.formula" class="script">

    which will get rendered as:

    Inline Equations

    If you want code to appear inline, such as "We define a variable $\hat{x}$ to represent...," you need to use a different syntax which is unfortunately a little harder to use. Instead of using the PRE tag, we can use the {{math.Formula}} tag such as:

    "We define a variable {{math.Formula{formula: "$\\hat{x}$"} }} to represent..."

    NOTE: You need to write all slash ( \ ) characters twice, which makes pasting from your favorite TeX editor somewhat combersome.

    The above example will get rendered as:

    "We define a variable to represent..."

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