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    1A Dual TB6612FNG

    This section is a summary of the 1A Dual TB6612FNG motor driver which can be found, for example, on SparkFun. This driver allows high-level, bi-directional, variable-speed control of DC motors.


    To use this board, simply connect VCC to a 5V power supply, connect VM to to the motor power supply (can be 5V if the motor is rated to run in that range), and connect the 3 GND pins to ground.

    A-01 and A-02 connect to the first motor, and B-01 and B-02 connect to the second motor.

    You then control the motor by:

    1. Setting the STBY pin HIGH (5V). This "turns on" the motor driver.
    2. Set A-IN-1 and A-IN-2 to opposite states (i.e. one HIGH and one LOW). Switching them will reverse the motor direction. The same is true for the B channels. Setting them both HIGH or LOW result in other actions, not covered here.
    3. Set PWM-A using analogWrite(). The duty cycle will correspond to the motor speed. NOTE: Many motors have a limit on how slow they can turn, below which they will not be able to overcome internal static friction.

    The datasheet for this motor driver can be found here.

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