Multi-Line Equation Numbering

    Single Equation Numbering

    In Lyx, it is easy to add a number to an equation via the "Insert->Label..." menu:


    results in


    Multiple-Equation Numbering

    However, if you wish to number multiple equations in a block, the intuitive method, adding another label, might not be what is expected:


    results in


    Subequation Numbering

    If you want to group the equation numbers as, for example, (1a) and (1b), then you must do the following:

    1. Add \usepackage{amsmath} to the document preamble.
    2. Before the equation block, hit CTRL-L to add a LaTeX block, and type \begin{subequations}.
    3. After the equation block, hit CTRL-L to add a LaTeX block, and type \end{subequations}.

    The document should now look like this:


    and result in:


    A sample document can be found here: MultilineEquationNumbering.lyx

    Additional Options

    If you want to add a cross-reference to the entire block of equations, e.g. (1) rather than (1a) or (1b) in the example above, you need to add a label to the subequations block. Just move your mouse immediately after the \begin{subequations} LaTeX block, then add a label. You can then add a Cross-Reference to this label as normal.

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