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    Mehran Mesbahi
    Professor of Aeronautics & Astronautics
    Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
    Executive Director of the Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation

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    Dept. Website
    Office: 318E Guggenheim Hall, University of Washington
    BOX 352400, Seattle, WA 98195-2400
    Phone: (206) 543-7937, FAX: (206) 543-0217


    Writings Teaching Projects Group JCATI about MM


    please check the new webpage for updated information


    research themes:

    • distributed and networked systems; multi-agent control; distributed estimation; theory of networks
    • distributed space systems; spacecraft control, guidance, and navigation
    • maneuver planning in uncertain and complex environments
    • systems and control theory
    • optimization theory and algorithms, in particular, semidefinite programming and its engineering applications
    • applied discrete mathematics; engineering applications of combinatorics


    • mathematical foundations of systems theory
    • networked dynamic systems
    • orbital and spaceflight mechanics
    • robust control
    • multivariable control
    • optimization and system sciences
    • spacecraft dynamics and control
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