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    M. Mesbahi and M. Egerstedt, Graph-theoretic Methods in Multiagent Networks, Princeton University Press, 2010.j9230.gif

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    M. Mesbahi and M. Egerstedt, Graphs for Modeling Network Interactions, Encyclopedia of Systems and Control, Springer, 2014.

    A. Chapman and M. Mesbahi, UAV Swarms: Models and Effective Interfaces, in Handbook of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Springer, 2014.

    D. Zelazo and M. Mesbahi, Graph-theoretic methods for networked dynamic systems: Heterogeneity and H2 Performance, in Efficient Modeling and Control of Large-Scale Systems (J. Mohammadpour and K.M. Grigoriadis, eds.), Springer, 2010.

    M. Mesbahi, M. G. Safonov, and G. P. Papavassilopoulos, Bilinearity and complementarity in robust control, in Advances in Linear Matrix Inequality Methods in Control, SIAM, 2000.

    M. Mesbahi and G. P. Papavassilopoulos, Least elements and minimal rank matrices, in Recent Advances in Complementarity Theory - State of the Art. SIAM, 1997.

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