AA 528 - Spacecraft Dynamics and Control


    AA 528 - Spacecraft Dynamics and Control (2015 Winter)


    Class Room: Loew 206
    Class Time: Monday and Wednesday: 9:30-10:50 AM 

    Class syllabus



    Contacting us

    Instructor: Dr. Unsik Lee
    Office: 315 Guggenheim Hall
    Email: unsik (at) uw.edu
    Instructor Office Hour: Monday: 3:00-5:00PM,  GUG 312/305 
                                       Tuesday: 10:00-12:00PM, GUG 312/305
    Tel: 206-685-4951 (during office hours)


    Teaching Assistant: David Schipf
    Email: schipf (at) uw.edu
    TA Office Hours: Monday: 12:30-3:00PM, GUG 312

    Email policy

    Emails will be answered regularly during normal work hours (9am - 6pm) Monday through Friday. For emails sent outside of those hours, please expect a delay.



    H. Schaub and J. Junkins, Analytical Mechanics of Space Systems, AIAA education series, 2014 

    Grading policy

    The grade breakdown for this class is as follows:

        - Homework 45%

        - Midterm 30%

        - Final project 25%


    We will have weekly homework assignments. The homework is due on every Wednesday 5PM. Homework can be submitted in class or uploaded on the Catalyst dropbox location:

    Take-home Midterm

    The take-home exam will be released at 9:00PM on Feb. 27.

    The exam has a due by 9:00PM on Mar. 1.

    The midterm will contribute 30% to the final grade. For off-campus students who plan to take the midterms off-campus, please see


    as you need to identify a proctor at your location for the exams.

    Final project

    The final project aims to select a interesting journal / conference paper and write a report of that work especially including a re-generation of the paper results and a critique. The topic of this report should be on the application or theoretical extension of the material discussed in class.

    The paper selection is due on Feb. 18(Wed) 5:00PM

    The preferred report format: 

    (1) Abstract 
    (2) Problem setup and assumptions 
    (3) Basic results, simulations 
    (4) Critique
    (5) references.

    The paper should not be more than 5 pages (single space, 11 pts fonts, two-column) except the simulations/codes. 

    The report is due on the last day of the exam week (Mar. 20 at 5:00 PM).


    The following journals and conferences publish papers on space control systems:

    AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics

    IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems

    IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control

    AIAA Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets

    Journal of the Astronautical Sciencese

    AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference

    AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialist Conference 

    IEEE Aerospace Conference

    Course schedule 


    Date Lecture Reading Homework
    Mon, Jan. 5 No lecture     
    Wed, Jan 7 No lecture    
    Mon, Jan 12 Attitude representation Ch 3  
    Wed, Jan 14     Homework 1
    Mon, Jan 19 (MLK day)      
    Wed, Jan 21 Rotational kinematics  

    Homework 1 due

    Homework 1 solutions

    Homework 2

    Fri, Jan 23 Rotational kinematics    
    Mon, Jan 26 Rotational dynamics Ch 1.3  
    Wed, Jan 28 Rotational dynamics

    Ch 4


    Homework 2 due

    Homework 2 solutions

    Homework 3

    Mon, Feb 2 General rigid body motions    
    Wed, Feb 4    

    Homework 3 due

    Homework 3 solutions

    Homework 4 (script)

    Mon, Feb 9 Momentum exchange devices    
    Wed, Feb 11    

    Homework 4 due

    Homework 4 solutions

    Homework 5 (script)

    Fri, Feb 13 (make-up lecture) Gravity gradient satellite Ch 4  
    Mon, Feb 16 (Presidents Day)      
    Wed, Feb 18 Nonlinear Attitude control Ch 8

    Homework 6 (script)

    Fri, Feb 20 (make-up lecture)    

    Homework 5 due

    Homework 5 solutions

    Mon, Feb 23 Hill's dynamics Ch 14  
    Wed, Feb 25 Formation flying   

    Homework 6 due

     Homework 6 solutions

    Fri, Feb 27 Exam    
    Mon, Mar 2 Two body problem Ch 9  
    Wed, Mar 4 Restricted three body problem Ch 10

    Homework 7

    Mon, Mar 9      
    Wed, Mar 11    

    Homework 7 due

    Homework 7 Solutions

    Final exam week      
    Fri, Mar 20     Final project due


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