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    current projects

    1. Adaptive Energy Management (Boeing)
    2. Online distributed Optimization (ONR)
    3. A Network-centric Formalism for Disturbance Rejection Design and Human-swarm Interaction (AFOSR)
    4. Semi-autonomous networks (NSF)
    5. Predicting and Controlling Systems of Interdependent Networks: Exploiting Interdependence for Control (ARO MURI)

    past projects

    1. Networked systems security: system-theoretic perspective (AFOSR)
    2. Formation observers and estimators (JPL/NASA)
    3. Robustness of networked systems via graph-theoretic methods (NSF)
    4. Analysis of co-simulation (Boeing)
    5. Multiple UAV Deconfliction (Boeing)
    6. Distributed Space Systems (NSF)
    7. Nonconvex Motion Planning (JPL/NASA)
    8. Switching Control Laws for Spacecraft formations (JPL/NASA)
    9. UAV Formations with Switching Information-exchange topologies (Boeing)
    10. Hybrid Control for Supercavitating flight (ONR)
    11. Distributed estimation (JPL/NASA)
    12. Murdock Foundation
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